Boomtrain and Magento

Integrate Boomtrain and start tracking important activities on their ecommerce site without having to deal with any code.


  • Start tracking essential activities on your ecommerce store with Boomtrain activity mapping.
  • Keep customer lists up-to-date with API calls to Boomtrain.


The extension makes API calls to Boomtrain, to track activities of customers on site. This enables Boomtrain to keep the customer list up-to-date. The extension currently tracks Cart updates, Purchase, register, Reviews, search

Installation Guide
Boomtrain-Magento Extension
(for Magento Version 2.x)


We recommend to install ANY extension you purchase/download in a testing environment before deploying it to your production environment. Please also backup your Magento installation (files and database) before installing any extension and make sure no conflicting extensions are installed. The Boomtrain extension was tested in clean Magento installations without third party extensions and we can’t guarantee for compatibility with third party extensions.

Installation Steps

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to /app/code/ carefully, without overwriting the existing contents of the /app/code directory.
  • Run the following command:  /bin/magento module:enable Boomtrain_ConnectBased on how your magento installation is configured, the magento command to enable a module can be different. See other 2 variations below:

    php /bin/magento module:enable Boomtrain_Connect

    magento module:enable Boomtrain_Connect

  • Run the following command:/bin/magento setup:upgrade Boomtrain_ConnectRun with  php  or  magento  command if required in previous step.
  • Run the following command
    /bin/magento setup:di:compile
  • Clear Magento Cache. You can do this either manually by going to System > Cache Management and clicking both the ‘Flush Magento Cache’ as well as the ‘Flush Cache Storage’ button; or by the following command:  /bin/magento cache:clean

Configuring Boomtrain:

  • Go to Store > Configuration > Advanced > Boomtrain and enter your API Token and API Secret. These have been provided to you by your Solution Architect along with the Extension Zip file.

Upgrade Steps:

Simply follow the installation guide (see above) and overwrite any existing files. No need to run the module:enable commands, however it is very important you run setup:upgrade after updating any Magento extension.

Uninstallation Steps:

  • Disable the Boomtrain Module:
    /bin/magento module:disable Boomtrain_Connect
  • Remove the Boomtrain directory from /app/code
  • Run setup:upgrade
  • Clear Magento Cache.

Common Errors & Resolution:

  • Module doesn’t show up in the backend / doesn’t work
    Try to manually refresh the cache by deleting the contents inside the /var/cache/ and /var/generation/ directories (located in the Magento root directory) and running the following command:
    /bin/magento setup:di:compile
  • Module STILL doesn’t show up in the backend / doesn’t work:
    Make sure you have uploaded all files to the correct location. This is very important – please do not forget to upload the contents of the whole zip and make sure you upload it to the right location.
  • Module STILL doesn’t show up
    Make sure the file permissions for all the files uploaded are right. Files must be readable by the webserver.
  • Blank page / Error 500/503 / “Exception printing is disabled”?
    Probably an error. Please enable “developer mode” in Magento, to see the real error message.
  • Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 … instance of Magento\Framework\ObjectManager\ObjectManager given
    If you get this error with Boomtrain extensions, please empty the var/di, var/cache and var/generation folders of Magento. If you don’t have scheduled cron compilation, run the following command:
    /bin/magento setup:di:compile

Still got problems? A fatal error you can’t solve yourself? Please get in touch with us.