Boomtrain and Knowlarity

Track enquiries on your site and with Boomtrain Webhooks, trigger IVR (Interactive Voice Response) requests to Knowlarity.


  • Reach out to customers and prospects with automated text and voice messages.
  • Trigger calls to prospects via webhooks.
  • Create segments based on call activity directly in Boomtrain.
  • Trigger SMS/Emails/Push Notifications/In-App Messages based on call events.


Boomtrain APIs make it easy for external sources and services to collaborate. Customers can carry-over their existing services to Boomtrain and use our platform to fire events, campaigns or store attributes in a central location. One such service we play-well with is Knowlarity. Using the webhook channel, phone numbers are posted to Knowlarity APIs to trigger an automated IVR based call. The results of these calls are then passed back to Boomtrain and stored as user properties. This allows deeper segmentation and richer efficient campaigns. The key success of playing well with such services is to also capture several customer touch points into a central location, to avoid disrupted, repetitive and/or irrelevant communication. WIth disconnected systems, this risk of inconsistent messaging is high.

With our Knowlarity integration, you can trigger IVR calls or call center calls when customers make enquiries and leave their phone numbers on your website. You can use boomtrain webhooks to trigger these calls. Based on call activity, duration and events during the call, you can also build segments and trigger further communication to them (with the appropriate delays.) This communication could be another phone call, an SMS, email, push notification or in-app message. This is great for instances when you need to provide instant communication for events such as booking confirmations and feedback calls.

Customer Use Story

Cars 24 is an online marketplace that makes it easier for car owners to get a quote and sell their cars. Visitors to the Cars24 portal, they are prompted to share information about their car’s make, model and year of purchase to get an instant quote.

Once they get a quote, visitors can choose to share their personal information via the website to schedule a visit from the Cars24 team to inspect their car. To follow up with these potential sellers, Boomtrain triggers an event once a form is submitted. The integration with Knowlarity a phone call powered by Knowlarity to customers to confirm their scheduled appointment.