Boomtrain and Kickbox

Keep your email lists active and clean to get the best results when you send emails.


  • Automatically scrub invalid email addresses for triggered campaigns
  • Mark invalid email addresses as hard or soft bounces for the campaign.


Kickbox integration automatically scrubs invalid email addresses for your triggered campaign and marks them as hard or soft bounces. Scrubbing invalid email addresses improves email deliverability as invalid email address are filtered out before the start of a campaign. This helps preserve and boost your sender IP reputation.

Customer Use Story

Boomtrain’s real-time integration with ensures high delivery and deliverability. Unverified emails that bounce can be a big deterrent to building a good sender reputation. organically accquires email addressess and passes them over to the Kickbox database with Boomtrain. In the absence of a pre-dispatch email delivery validation, it is difficult to validate list hygiene.