Boomtrain and Google sheet

Change values in your Google Sheet to trigger emails and SMS from Boomtrain.


  • Create a sync between your Google Sheets and Boomtrain
  • Auto trigger messages to customers as you update your Google Sheets


Reads the google sheet updated by Decathlon for delivery status and triggers an email and sms when the delivery status is changed to “dispatched”.

Customer Use Story

Decathlon is a global sports and outdoor equipment seller, with multiple branches in India. Boomtrain’s integration with Google Sheets seamlessly transmits events to Decathlon without the need to place our Javascript on their site or make changes to their code. The google script posts events like dispatches, deliveries and product returns based on the changes to the Google sheet’s values. These events are then used as triggers to contextually communicate updates to customers on a real-time basis without any site/API integration effort.