Boomtrain and Ameyo

Events from services like Ameyo can be passed over to Boomtrain marketing engine. These events can be used as triggers for related SMS, E-mail on-site messenger and Webhook campaigns.


  • Reach out to customers and prospects with automated text and voice messages.
  • Trigger calls to prospects via webhooks.
  • Create segments based on call activity directly in Boomtrain
  • Trigger SMS/Emails/Push Notifications/In-App Messages based on call events.


With Boomtrain APIs, it is easy for external sources and services to collaborate. Customers can carry-over their existing services to Boomtrain and use our platform to fire events, campaigns or simply store attributes in a central location. One such service we play-well with is Ameyo. Using the webhook channel, phone numbers are posted to Ameyo APIs to trigger an automated IVR based call. The results of these calls are then passed back to Boomtrain and stored as user properties. This allows deeper segmentation and richer, more efficient campaigns. The key success of playing well with such services is to also capture several customer touch points into a central location, to avoid disrupted, repetitive and/or irrelevant communication. WIth disconnected systems, this risk of inconsistent messaging is high.

  • Send customer activities on your site to Boomtrain.
  • Create a rich, informative overview of your customers.