Boomtrain with Sendgrid

Powering your contextual communication, one email at a time.


  • White Labelled Emails
  • Dedicated IPs for Boomtrain Customers


Sendgrid is a strategic email deliverability partner to Boomtrain. Sendgrid helps to make sure that every customer’s emails reach their recipient’s inboxes. The emails can be white labelled, which provides a better email experience for the customer. Sendgrid also provides dedicated IPs to customers who want to build a unique sending reputation with their emails.

Installation / Documentation

To remove the ‘sent via’ and substitute it with your own domain, you will need to Whitelabel your domain. You can do this by adding DNS keys to your DNS or hosting provider. This should help increase your deliverability rates and reduce your potential for spam reports.

For more information on how to whitelabel your email sending account, See this guide from Sendgrid.